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Butler Herd Sires
Butler 1-5 Yr
Butler 5-9 Yr
Butler 9-20 Yr
Blended 1-10 Yr
Blended 10-20 Yr
Butler Pasture
Blended Pasture


Take a tour of our herd to see our "art"

See the Photo/Data Tours for sire, dam, and horn info.  See the Pasture Tours for slide shows of our Butler and non-Butler animals.

Butler Longhorns - Photo/Data Tour

Our straight Butler foundation animals are some of the best!!  Click on the following tables to see photos and data of animals listed by age.
Herd Sires   Butler 1-5 Yr   Butler 5-9 Yr   Butler 9-20 Yr

Blended Longhorns - Photo/Data Tour

Our non-Butler animals must be of superior quality to remain in our herd!!
Blended 1-10 Yr   Blended 10-20 Yr

Slide Shows - Pasture Tours

For a quick overview of our 100% Butler cows, take a tour of the Butler Pasture.  See the Blended cows in the Blended Pasture.

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