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Why Butler?
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The Butler family of longhorns is one of the "Seven Families" of Texas Longhorns.  Named after Milby Butler who was born in 1889 and raised near Houston Texas, these cattle are best known for producing horn.  As Milby said: " Color is unpredictable.  Breed for horns and you'll get color."

We believe five Butler attributes set Butler longhorns apart from other longhorns:

Horn Tip-to-tip length, large base, and corkscrew shape are best achieved with Butler genetics.
Flat Poll The smooth flow of horn from one side to the other across a flat poll (instead of a dome-shaped head) is, in our opinion, the most pleasing to the eye.
Head The traditional Butler head with crocodile eyes, flat poll, and majestic horn is a beautiful sight.
Consistency Straight Butler breeding preserves the desired physical traits that distinguish the Butler family of longhorns.  Most longhorns today are "blended" mixtures of two or more of the seven families, which produces hybrid vigor but genetic consistency is lost.
Predictability One of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of a breeding program is predictability of offspring characteristics.  Pure Butler breeding is more predictable because of genetic consistency.

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