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Butler Herd Sires
Butler Herd Sires Butler 1-5 Yr Butler 5-9 Yr Butler 9-20 Yr Blended 1-10 Yr Blended 10-20 Yr Butler Pasture Blended Pasture

Herd Sires
Primero Class
VJ Tommie (Unlimited) x Lota Class
DOB: 1-3-98
Horn: 61.5"
Projected Horn: 63"
Dalgood's Rocket Man
Ace's Mojo x Delta Rockette
DOB: 6-27-00
Horn: 58.00"
Projected Horn: 60"
Dalgood's Rocky
Ace's Mojo x Delta Rockette
DOB: 11-5-01
Horn: 55.5"
Projected Horn: 63"

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