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2001 Embryo Results for Blue Bevo Dot, Queenie , and Denise (With Recent Photos of Embryo Calves)

Blue Bevo Dot and Queenie are straight Butler cows and both were flushed twice to Primero ClassDenise was flushed twice with Phenomenon semen.  For these flushes, we chose to retain only heifer embryos which were determined by sexing the fetuses at 60-90 days of development.

The first flush of Blue Bevo Dot resulted in 2 pregnant recips.  One aborted and one had a heifer Dottie born 5/18/02.  The second flush resulted in 3 pregnancies: 1 bull, 1 aborted fetus, and 1 heifer born 8/11/02 that we named Blue Dot.

Denise's first flush produced 5 pregnancies which included 2 heifers, Phenomenal Denise born 5/21/02 and another heifer that aborted.  Her second flush produced 3 pregnancies, but no heifers.

The first Queenie flush produced 6 good embryos but resulted in only 2 pregnancies.  The 2 recips were not sexed, but both had bulls.  The second Queenie flush produced only one good embryo which was a heifer born 8/16/02 and named Queen of Diamonds.  Queenie was then AI'd back to Primero Class.

In summary, we transferred 27 good embryos from the six flushes.  Of these, 16 recips were pregnant after 30 days (59% which is well within the expected average of 50-70%).  The 16 pregnancies resulted in 4 heifer embryos, 7 bull embryos, and 5 aborted embryos.

We are pleased with the embryo transfer results on these three older cows.

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