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2001 Embryo Results for Rockette and Big Base
(With Recent Photos of Embryo Calves)

Delta Rockette and Droopy's Big Base were both flushed twice in 2001, first to Primero Class and then to Mojo, and then both cows were AI'd back to Mojo.

The four flushes resulted in eight 60-day pregnant recips brought back to Dalgood for calving, three with Primero Class embryos and five with Mojo.  The one Rockette-Primero recip had a heifer (Velvet Lady, born 8/29/01, white with red sides and frosty face).  Of the two Big Base-Primero recips, one aborted and one had a solid red heifer (owned by Agee Spidle from 2000 Butler Sale).  From the five recips with Mojo embryos, three were Big Base and two were Rockette.  Both Rockette-Mojo embryos resulted in colorful bull calves, Rocky born 11/5/01 and BlackRock born 11/14/01.  One of the Big Base-Mojo recips aborted, one embryo calf was born dead, and the third calf was a solid red heifer Red Velvet born 10/16/01.

The two natural born calves from the Mojo AI with Rockette and Droopy's Big Base were both bulls.  The Big Base calf Droopy Mojo born 1/6/02 is red with mottled head and the Rockette calf Rocky Road born 11/27/01 is wine colored like her with a roan rump.

In summary, we ended up with 7 gorgeous calves out of the flushes and AI, 3 heifers and 4 bulls.  All the bulls are out of Mojo.  The 3 Rockette-Mojo bull calves are full brothers to our junior herd sire Rocket Man.

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