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2007 Butler Sale

We have consigned five lots to this years sale to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Butler Sale, as well as to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in raising longhorns.

High Sellers from past years will be on display at this year's sale.  We own two of them - Delta Rockette who was high seller at the first Butler Sale in 1998, and Little Ace Tupelo Honey who was high seller in 2001 - and both will be at the sale.  All five of our consignments are related to one of these two high sellers.

Call or email us if you have any questions or want additional information about our consignments below.

See our Ranch Feature Article in the the TLBAA Trails Magazine (August) for more insight into these lots and to learn more about our breeding program.

LOT 10: DALGOOD'S VELVET LADY (DOB: August 29, 2001)
The best out of our best!  She is from the core of our breeding program based on crossing FM Graves 102 offspring with our senior sire Primero Class.  Velvet Lady is out of Primero Class and Delta Rockette who is a granddaughter of FM Graves 102.  This is the first time we have parted with this breeding, but we have four other daughters of Delta Rockette and numerous granddaughters.  For this 10th anniversary sale, we want to showcase offspring of Delta Rockette since she was high seller at the first Butler sale in 1998.  We also want to demonstrate what Primero Class can do.  He is the best son of Lota Class, a legendary cow with 76” horn.  Velvet Lady is bred to BL Buckaroo Chex (co-owned with Bob Loomis and backup to Farlap Chex).  She   tested negative recently for both Johnes and Neospora.

LOT 49: DALGOOD'S BIT-O-HONEY (DOB: April 10, 2003)
This young cow is our oldest Primero Class daughter out of Little Ace Tupelo Honey.  This is our first offering of any Tupelo Honey offspring -- we have four other Tupelo Honey daughters, including two full sisters to Bit-O-Honey.  We wanted to do something special since Tupelo Honey was the high seller at the 2001 Butler sale.  Tupelo Honey is the last daughter of FM Graves 102.  One of the best cows ever, FM Graves 102 has been the focus of our breeding program over the past 7 years.  Bit-O-Honey’s gorgeous heifer calf at side born 6/3/07 is out of BL Buckaroo Chex, and she is bred back the same way.  Bit-O-Honey tested negative recently for both Johnes and Neospora.
LOT 44: DALGOOD'S ROCKET MAN (DOB: June 27, 2000)
Black speckled bull out of Delta Rockette and a full brother to the well known Little Ace Swamp Guinea who is also in the sale.  We wanted to make this special offering as part of our showcase of Delta Rockette offspring.  We would not sell Rocket Man, except that we have his younger full brother Dalgood’s Rocky who we co-own with Kaso Kety.  Rocket Man is a Bold Ruler look-a-like and has done a great job for us as demonstrated by his spectacular daughter in the sale (see below).  We guarantee fertility.
LOT H-10 (Heifer Sale): DALGOOD'S PRIMADONNA (DOB: May 29, 2005)
This gorgeous chocolate-sided heifer is a Delta Rockette granddaughter.  She complements the other Delta Rockette offspring in this sale and demonstrates the consistency of her sire Primero Class.  Primadonna is out of Little Ace Primrose, a full sister to Little Ace Swamp Guinea.  We purchased Primrose from Kaso Kety at the 2003 Butler sale.  Primero Class is out of Lota Class, longest horned cow in the 1990’s and first cow with 6 feet of horn.  Primadonna exhibits the early extensive lateral horn growth that Primero Class consistently produces in our herd.  She is bred to BL Buckaroo Chex.  Primadonna tested negative recently for both Johnes and Neospora.
LOT 65: DALGOOD'S WAXY LADY (DOB: April 13, 2004)
Big horned dark red granddaughter of Delta Rockette and a daughter of Rocket Man who is also in the sale.  She has unusual coloring -- black highlights from her sire and waxy colored horns from her dam.  We sold her dam, nicknamed “Wax Horn”, in the 2005 Butler sale to Janis and Vernon Webb.  Waxy Lady is a three year old who leads her peer group in horn length.  She is bred to Dalgood’s Tommy Gun, our young sire out of Primero Class and Little Ace Tupelo Honey (high seller in 2001), so the calf will have FM Graves 102 on both the top and bottom of her pedigree.  Waxy Lady tested negative recently for both Johnes and Neospora.

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